Poor dog with 3 pounds of matted fur finally gets a well deserved hair cut

When you first look at the picture above, you might have a hard time figuring out what you're seeing. But if you look really closely, you'll notice a sweet little nose and one sad eye peering out at you. The bundle of matted, filthy fur covers the sweetest little dog you could ever want to know.
Timberly's human mom had fallen ill and thought it was best to keep her little pal outside so he didn't make her sicker. What she did, however, left the little guy in misery. Fortunately, the Anti-Cruelty Society stepped in in time to save him from a miserable death.
Little Timberly had spent the cold Chicago winter outside, shivering in the awful weather. A cat feeder in the neighborhood noticed him and called the Anti-Cruelty Society. Fortunately, they were able to convince his owner to surrender him. And what transpired after that is nothing short of amazing!
Poor Timberly was the poster child for someone uncomfortable in his own skin. “He couldn’t move much and was wary of new people,” Colette Bradley of The Anti-Cruelty Society related. “He was completely covered in mats of hair and he could only see out of one eye due to an overgrowth of hair. He moved very slowly and couldn’t walk very far.”
The volunteers went to work freeing him from the tangle of matts his fur had become, but it soon became apparent they would need professional help to shave all the matts from his skin without hurting him. A professional groomer volunteered to finish the job the staff had started, and several hours later Timberly was finally free. Three pounds of fur had been removed from his tiny body. It was doubtful that he had ever been groomed before.
As soon as the fur started coming off, Timberly began to relax. “He was very happy when the mats came off,” Colette Bradley of the Anti-Cruelty Society said. “As they were freeing him from the hair, his body relaxed. He started showing affection to the volunteer holding him and we started to see a bit more of his personality come out.”
The little dog had been neglected for so long that he didn't trust people when they touched him. But that's all changing as Timberly adjusts to the gentle pats and belly rubs of the volunteers who rescued him. They are excited that someday soon Timberly will be ready to go to a warm, loving, forever home. “He’s come a long way since he first arrived and we’re excited to continue to see him progress,” Bradley said.
Can you believe the change a bath and a shave can have on a body? Share Timberly's story on social media. If you'd like to help other animals like Timberly, you can donate to the Anti-Cruelty Society.
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