Senior, deaf, blind and overweight pug is not ready to give up on finding the right home

With a fun name like Tugboat, it's hard to imagine that this pug would be anything but a joy to have around. And she is! Despite her years and blindness, Tugboat is a happy and enthusiastic pup just looking for someone to give her abundance of love to.
Senior dogs are notoriously hard to place, especially if they have a handicap like blindness. But to Tugboat, her blindness is not a problem at all. She doesn't let anything slow down her enthusiasm for life.
Animal Haven Shelter volunteers weren't sure what to expect when they took Tugboat from a city shelter. She was 10 years old, blind, partially deaf and had a tumor on her leg. Add to it the fact that she was very overweight, and they knew if they didn't help, she was unlikely to find a good home.
Tugboat's name perfectly fits her. She is a little fireplug of a dog who, because of her weight issues, has a little trouble getting around. She doesn't like stairs and insists on being carried up and down them. And that's okay to do, unless you try to hold her any way but upright. Then she can vigorously resist!
The more the folks at Animal Haven got to know Tugboat, the more they realized just how special and unique she is. Her chubby little body houses a pooch with an amazing amount of spunk!
“She is hilarious,” Tiffany Lacey of Animal Haven explains. “Very loving but just sort of hangs out. Loves food! Shelter life doesn’t seem to faze her at all. She gets a lot of attention.”
Although a new family would definitely have to help her lose weight, her blindness (when the staff hasn't determined is total) doesn't slow her down or hinder her desire to go on long, exploring walks at all. “She needs someone with a sense of humor for sure,” Lacey said. “She really would do well in nearly any home. Kids, other dogs and cats are totally fine.”
Have you ever considered adopting a senior dog? They come with a lot of benefits, including a settled personality, fewer training issues, and lots of life experience . If you or your friends are in the market for a new canine companion, consider adopting an older dog from a shelter or rescue organization. You'll be glad you did!
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