This dog is so scared of strangers, he has been returned to the shelter twice

Abandoned as a stray, Cloudy the puppy was picked up and taken to a large shelter in Alabama. From there, he was rescued by the Double Dog Rescue organization. The staff members saw a happy-go-lucky, energetic, playful young dog who they thought would be adopted in no time at all. They were right --- except that no matter who chose Cloudy, he kept getting returned to the rescue.
Shortly after he arrived at the rescue, Cloudy was adopted out to a family that returned him a few weeks later. Disappointed, the rescue staff hoped that the second adoption would be the charm. Again, Cloudy was returned to the facility. Why was this seemingly perfect dog rejected by his adopters? Apparently, it's because Cloudy is petrified of strangers.
Some dogs who were abused or neglected by their owners suffer anxiety because of the trauma they experience. That may have been the case with Cloudy, a situation that was then compounded by his time in the Alabama shelter. His first two adoptive families were not able to work with Cloudy's anxieties, but the Double Dog Rescue staff firmly believe that the right owner, someone who will be gentle and patient with Cloudy, will let him learn to trust people again.
Stacey Lambert, Cloudy's foster mom, said,“We don’t know what happened to him before, but we do know he has been tossed around A LOT and he isn’t very trusting of strangers. However, once he is comfortable with someone, he LOVES his people. He is the biggest mushy love, so loyal and is just a big mushy lapdog with us at home.”
Lambert has discovered that the one place that Cloudy feels entirely comfortable is outside in nature.
“Cloudy has lots of energy and just wants to play,” Lambert said. “He makes such a good running partner and loves going on hikes! He is also OBSESSED with flat soccer balls; he runs around the yard with it in his mouth just whipping his head around. He’s very good at fetch, but he loves his ball so much that it is sometimes hard to get him to drop it.”
The right home for Cloudy would be a place with plenty of outdoor space for him to run around and play in. Cloudy also gets along very well with other dogs and cats so he can fit right into any home scenario.
Lambert is hopeful that someone will give Cloudy the chance he deserves. “He needs a home that will be patient with him and teach him to trust other people,” she explained.
Could you be the right owner for Cloudy? If you're interested in adopting him, contact the rescue. Please share Cloudy's story with your family and friends, and let's get this sweet soul a loving home!
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