Woman is totally caught off guard when boyfriend and furry BFF ask a special question

Connor Juilfs and his girlfriend, Alison Hansen, had decided they wanted to adopt a dog from a local shelter. Juilfs knew how much Hansen was looking forward to giving a dog a new home, so he decided to get creative and make the trip one that Hansen would always remember!
Juilfs reached out to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and explained his unique request to them. He asked that they choose an adoptable dog who would fit in with their family. “We thought of Lizzie immediately,” said Stephanie Filer, director of development for the rescue. “She was surrendered to animal control last month with a really bad skin condition and had lost almost all her hair. But you would never be able to tell from her personality that she’d been treated so poorly.”
Juilfs took a trip to the rescue to meet Lizzie ahead of time, and he knew right away that she would be a perfect choice. He coordinated with the staff for the next day, when he would bring Hansen by to look at the dogs.
When the couple arrived that Saturday, Hansen spotted Lizzie and immediately moved toward her.
With an excited Lizzie jumping around between them, Juilfs got down on one knee before Hansen and asked her to marry him. He showed her the engagement ring, tied with ribbon around Lizzie's collar. Of course, Hansen said yes --- to the proposal and the new dog!
“It was exhilarating,” Juilfs said. “Seeing in her eyes how much she enjoyed the moment, knowing she was engaged and had a new puppy, is a sight I’ll never forget.”
The staff was thrilled to watch the event unfold, but even happier that Lizzie now has a loving home. “Lizzie’s story is remarkable,” Flier said. “The fact that she got adopted is already amazing, but to become part of the family at such an important life moment is so full-circle.”
The couple will marry in fall 2019, but for now, they are enjoying life with their two dogs, Lizzie and their one-year-old Labrador, Charlie. “She’s the happiest dog,” Juilfs said. “Her and Charlie love to wrestle and play with their toys. I think he really likes having a little sister.”
Juilfs and Hansen are working on ways to incorporate their four-legged kids into the wedding ceremony. “We’ve already joked about Lizzie being the flower girl and Charlie being the ring bearer,” Juilfs said. “That would take hours and hours of training, but we’ll see if we can make it happen.”
Congratulations to the happy couple! And congratulations to Lizzie who has the loving family she deserves! Share this adorable story with your family and friends on Facebook.
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