Cat won't stop hugging rescuers after they help her regain mobility in her legs

Charlie was a loving, senior cat who lived happily with an elderly owner. Then one day, Charlie suddenly lost the use of her back legs. Charlie couldn't walk or make it to the litter box. She was taken to The Cat Doctor in Philadelphia in the hopes that the medical team there could determine what had caused the cat's rapid decline. Otherwise, Charlie's quality of life would be endangered.
The vet techs and veterinarians at The Cat Doctor immediately went to work to find the source of Charlie's condition. "We initially thought she had a saddle thrombus (a condition in which a blood clot gets lodged at the base of the aorta and cuts off blood supply to both hindlimbs) which carries a poor prognosis," said Miriam, one of the vet techs. What it turned out to be was intervertebral disc disease which occurs when the cushioning discs between the vertebrae burst or bulge out.
Miriam noted that "Because we were not sure how she would respond to treatment and her previous owner was older with mobility issues of his own, he was not sure that he could properly care for her and give her the support she needed. He also lived in a home with many stairs and was worried that she would injure herself further if she were to go back home." As such, unless or until Charlie made a recovery, she would be a resident at the veterinarian clinic.
The staff at The Cat Doctor quickly learned just how stubborn and determined a cat they had with Charlie. They tried to teach her to accept a wheelchair, but Charlie would have none of it. She just tried to walk on her own. "She had so much spark and determination in her," Miriam said.
Then a miracle occurred. Within a few weeks of her time at The Cat Doctor, Charlie began to use all four of her legs to walk! "To our amazement, after a few weeks on steroids and pain medication, she began to walk. Initially, she stumbled frequently, but she started using her hindlimbs more and more," Miriam explained. "She now pretty much walks on her own and rarely has a stumble. She loves to be pet and loves to sit on your lap! She also loves treats!"
When Charlie made her first rounds of the hospital on her own four feet, the staff erupted in cheers! "We think the medications helped reduce any inflammation she had in her spine, and of course, the cuddles couldn't hurt," Miriam said.
Throughout her ordeal, Charlie has soaked up the love and attention she has received and rewarded her caretakers with lots of cuddles and purrs. "She can sit on your lap forever and purrs and drools while making muffins. She will be very devoted to her human," Miriam noted.
Speaking of her human, Charlie just got adopted into a new home on March 16th! She will need medications for the rest of her life, but her prognosis is good, and she continues to improve with her walking every day. Three cheers for Charlie, and thanks to The Cat Doctor staff for giving this senior cat a chance to live her golden years in comfort. Share Charlie's amazing story with your family and friends on Facebook.
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