Dog's best friend died at hospital and he refuses to stop waiting outside

Cristine Sardella was going to a doctor's appointment at a hospital when she saw a dog lying down just outside the front doorway. Because stray dogs are sadly commonplace in Brazil, she wasn't surprised to see a dog there on the street. What did surprise her was his stubborn insistence on waiting in that exact spot, no matter what. Why was the dog determined to stay in front of the hospital? The answer proved to be a heartbreaking one.
While waiting for her appointment, Sardella noted how polite and well-behaved the dog acted. "He would get up to let people pass by, very politely, and then lay right back down again," Sardella said. "He was educated and tame." She asked around and then found out why the dog stayed: his beloved owner had entered the hospital through these doors, but the owner would not ever be returning to his loyal canine friend.
Sardella was told that the dog's owner had been stabbed in a nearby park four months earlier. An ambulance came to take the man to the hospital, and his dog desperately followed the vehicle. As the man was carried into the hospital on a stretcher, his faithful dog waited outside the doors. The man passed away from his wounds, but his dog couldn't know that, and so the dog waited in vain for his beloved friend.
"It's sad to know that he will never see his owner again and will not understand what happened," Sardella said. "The only thing left is to wait at the last place where he saw him."
The dog's plight had won over the hospital staff who made sure he had food and fresh water every day. Because Sardella already had two rescue dogs, she went onto Facebook to try to find a new home for the dog at the hospital.
A local rescuer arranged to pick the dog up from the hospital and bring him to a kennel until a permanent home could be found for him. But the dog escaped and came right back to the hospital doors. "He fled across the city," Sardella said. "He walked over 3 kilometers and returned to the hospital."
Until recently, the dog had continued to be cared for by the hospital staff. One of the staffers won the dog's affections, and now he has a new home. The employee can rest assured that this dog will give every bit of his heart to her for the rest of his life. Share this moving story with your family and friends on Facebook.
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