Kitten found abandoned at school with infected eye has gained a friend in a loveable dog

A teacher in Maui, Hawaii, was on her way to school when she heard a pitiful little meow. She followed the sound until she found a tiny kitten whose eyes were nearly sealed shut from infection. The teacher had to make a snap decision: leave the kitten, or rescue her. The kitten's entire future rested on the teacher's next action.
The teacher, Kimberly, quickly realized that she couldn't leave the kitten to suffer. "I turned around and found her alone, with her eyes stuck shut. I grabbed her and found a beach towel in my car, and stuck her in a box," Kimberly explained. The kitten was a mere nine ounces and barely four weeks old, but she had already captured Kimberly's heart. The teacher brought the kitten home with her.
Kimberly named the kitten Pretzel and, after a trip to the veterinarian, she had a system in place for feeding the kitten and medicating her for the eye infection. "Our morning and night routines (consisted of) soft food, KMR, then antibiotics for the body and eyes," said Kimberly.
The biggest obstacle --- or so Kimberly thought --- would be the family dog, Morty. No one was sure how he would react to the newest family member. But as soon as Morty met Pretzel, a beautiful friendship was born.
The dog began licking Pretzel and following her around the house. "The dog and the cat love each other. Pretzel definitely thinks Morty is her 'mom'. He's so gentle with her," Kimberly said.
Pretzel became healthier, and she began to grow and become more energetic. Soon, Pretzel and Morty began playing and roughhousing around the house. "Now the two wrestle until they are tired and then they cuddle and nap," said Kimberly.
Pretzel is thriving, and that's in no small amount due to her loving family and her new best friend, Morty. Follow their adventures on Instagram, and share this story of true friendship with your family and friends on Facebook.
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