Man stunned to hear meowing from alley comes rushing to the aid of 8 freezing kittens

SCAT Street Cat Rescue (in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) got a call on March 1st from a kind-hearted man who had found eight kittens in a box outside his garage. In the cold and huddling together for warmth, the kittens were in danger of hypothermia. Fortunately, the Good Samaritan called for help and turned the kittens over to be cared for.
"The night was very cold, minus 20 Celsius (-4F) with a high windchill as a winter blizzard was blowing in. The kittens were hypothermic and lethargic and required rewarming. As it can be dangerous to feed a hypothermia kitten, they were passively warmed for several hours," SCAT Street Cat Rescue reported.
As it turns out, there were actually two litters in the box. One group was about five weeks old and the rest were only about two weeks old. SCAT put them in two different foster homes with caregivers prepared to do around-the-clock caring for the babies. These little ones bounced back from their malnourished condition and were eating well, except for two who needed more intervention. After several days, all the kittens were eating well and purring up a storm.
The older kittens were named (left to right) Ingrid Bergman, Isaac Newton, Indiana Jones, and Inigo Montoya.
The younger four were named Ireland (grey and white tuxedo), India (black and white with one eye), Ili (long hair black smoke) and Isra (long hair grey). Each kitten has a unique personality and will certainly fit within a special family when they are old enough to adopt.
"Little India really likes to run her own life, Ireland is the big sister and tries to parent the others, and the two boys are fuzzy little cuties who are mostly trouble and really seem to enjoy getting messy," SCAT laughingly related.
"Despite their ordeal they are all very friendly and affectionate. When they hear their foster mom, they burst out of their bed and run to greet her. They all love to climb her legs and climb into her lap for cuddles, purring all the time," according to the foster families.
Little Indiana snuggled right up to a toddler like that's where he is supposed to be.
"They all have outgoing personalities and are snuggly and as cute as buttons. We hope they will continue to grow up healthy and find great homes... they all deserve to," SCAT assured us. Thanks to a kind man and a helpful group, kittens who surely would have died by morning are all happy and healthy now.
Watch the video of the kittens below. What would you have done if it had been you who found these precious kitties? I hope you would have done the same thing the gentleman from Saskatoon did!
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