Woman gets the grumpiest cat after asking shelter for the least adoptable cat

When a beautiful, fluffy, black cat caused allergies in her human mom's body, she was reluctantly surrendered to Purrfect Pals Cat Sancuary and Adoption Center in Arlington, Washington. Although her mom was sad to let her go after 6 years, Bailey the cat was even more miserable.
Problem was, she didn't like having other cats around. Somewhat of a primadonna, Bailey resented the attention the other cats at the rescue received, and it made her downright grumpy.
Because of her attitude, no one wanted to adopt her, and she remained at the shelter for five long years. "Her previous owner's allergies had become so severe she could not keep Bailey… Of course, nobody imagined this fluffy, green-eyed girl with the glossy black coat would still be at the shelter waiting for a home almost five years later," Purrfect Pals said sadly.
But then something wonderful happened. A young woman named Holly asked about an older cat, or one that was having trouble being adopted. Of course, the volunteers immediately thought of Bailey. Holly met Bailey and liked her, but wanted to be sure that she took the right cat home with her. So she visited other shelters. But she couldn't get Bailey out of her mind.
One hour after Holly had met the fluffy black girl, she called to say she wanted to take her home. The folks who had given her shelter, food, and cuddles for five years rejoiced. "Everyone crossed their fingers… and toes… hoping she actually would come back. And she did," Purrfect Pals said.
"Holly told us Bailey just tugged on her heartstrings and she wanted to give her a home where Bailey could be the true princess she is - she would be the only cat in her new home and would have lots of toys, windows for watching the world and a new mom determined to spoil her rotten."
"We are so happy to have Bailey in our lives. She follows us everywhere, demanding a decent massage, and slept on my pillow this first night. Her tail is held high, her eyes are bright, and between all the cuddles she lets me pick her up," Holly said. After waiting 1806 days for her forever family, Bailey was finally home.
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