Think your cat is a fighter? Check out these 8 cats who love a good fight

I have had a lot of cats in my lifetime. Growing up in the country, I was no stranger to having a lot of cats around and the thing you learn about cats is that they are fighters.
They just live for thrill and adventure. Whether they are indoor or outdoor cats, one thing remains the same, all cats have a certain amount of fight in em'. Check out these 8 hilarious cats who live for the thrill of the fight.
1. These two kitties will not be tamed. Check them out as they take on this wicker basket.
2. A bag is no match for this feisty feline. Watch this cat conquer this bag.
3. Let's throw a dog into the mix. This kitty knows how to own her territory.
4. Cat vs. cat in this rumble tumble. Who do you think came out on top?
5. It's not every day that you get to see a cat fight a wallaby. Today is that day, though.
6. There's no denying that this cat is master of the couch. She's not giving up her spot for anything.
7. These two just can't seem to keep their paws off each other. Check out this "fight" compilation.
8. Cats love their plastic bags. These two felines are duking it out to see who gets to keep this one.
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