Scared dog was living in a garbage pile, now has a place to call home

The filthy, exhausted, beaten and bruised dog was lying still on top of a pile of garbage in Tijuana, Mexico. Her body bore multiple scars that exhibited the pain and torture she had endured at some point in her life. Her belly sagged from multiple pregnancies, and her ears were torn and bloody. Now, tired and worn, she could only lay despondent amongst the trash.
Mutt Scouts founder Nikki Audet was informed about the dog and immediately came out to evaluate the situation. Even this veteran animal rescuer was stunned by what she found. “She was just used over and over and over again,” Audet said. “Her past was definitely one long nightmare."
Audet took the dog, whom she named Sophie, immediately to a veterinarian who confirmed her suspicions about Sophie's injuries and condition. Not only was Sophie used for excessive breeding, but she had also been used as a bait dog for dogfighting.
“The vet said he had just had another dog come in who was attacked and the wounds were exactly the same as hers,” Audet said. “Her teeth were all filed down so she couldn’t fight back, some are ground right down to the root. She was just attacked constantly.”
Additionally, the five-year-old dog suffered from fleas and ticks and underwent multiple medicated baths. Antibiotics were prescribed to ward off infections and to encourage healing in Sophie's many wounds. Once Sophie began to respond well to the treatment, she was transported to California for further care.
It didn't take long for Sophie to give her heart to all the loving people at the rescue who were enamored of her. “She absolutely loves people,” Audet stated. “She even gives us hugs. She is just the sweetest girl.”
But while she has placed her faith in humanity again, Sophie is still frightened of other dogs. “She’s still really terrified of other dogs,” Audet explained. “You can tell some really bad things have happened. It’s like she’s saying, ‘Oh my God, what are you going to do to me?’ whenever she sees one.”
“It’s almost like she thinks it’s strange that other dogs aren’t attacking her,” Audet said. “She’s very earnest, but you can tell that she just wants to know what to do and how to socialize so badly. She’s never had that before. so it all needs to be taught very slowly and patiently.”
Sophie will begin working with a trainer in the next couple weeks and will hopefully learn to be more comfortable around other dogs in the future. As soon as she does, Sophie will be put up for adoption. Audet believes that Sophie will make somebody a very happy dog owner.
“I’m super excited for her to move on to a great life,” Audet said. “It’s like she almost can’t believe that she’s finally out of that awful situation and all these nice people are paying such good attention to her. She is so grateful. You can just see it.”
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