These dogs have a lot to say and you just have to hear these 8 "talking" dogs

Many dog owners often wonder what their dogs are thinking, and what they might say if they could speak. But some dogs go the extra mile and do their best to speak the human language! Through a combination of training and natural talent, and a sincere desire to communicate, the following dogs try their hardest to share their feelings out loud.
Everyone loves cute, funny videos of dogs talking, and these clips are sure to make you smile and laugh. So sit back, watch, and enjoy! Then share the canine communicative cuteness with your family and friends.
1. This dog is trying her best. Phoebe the sheepdog is trying to copy what her family is telling her to say. But two different family members are giving her mixed messages, so although she might be a bit confused, Phoebe is trying her heart out to do as her family asks. What do you think Phoebe says in the video: "Hello Laura" or "Coca-Cola"?
2. Tell us your life's troubles, Henry (Part 1). This adorable Corgi seems content to sit on his owner's lap and talk about what is bothering him. From purring to singing to howling, Henry sure has a lot to say! Watch his cute video below.
3. Tell us your life's troubles, Henry (Part 2). Henry takes on a starring role here again as he engages in a conversation with his owner after itching his face on the carpeted floor. Maybe Henry can't quite scratch that itch, or perhaps he's complaining about life in general. Check out this video and tell us what you think!
4. This pup can't talk for himself, so he's found something to help. Like many other dogs, Cooper loves his treats. His absolute favorites are his doggy biscuits. Since Cooper can't talk, his loving owner bought him a "Biscuit Button" that says "Biscuit" when pressed. Watch Cooper tell everyone when he wants a snack!
5. We love you too, Mr. Marcel. This incredibly adorable and talented French bulldog knows just what to say to warm his mom's heart. He's so good at it that there's no question what he is saying aloud for all to hear! Watch Mr. Marcel tell his mother how much he loves her and try not to melt.
6. Take that, squeaky toy! This beautiful Husky likes to mimic the sound of his favorite squeaky toy. In this clip, he tries his best to "squeak" back at the toy with a little help from his owner. Watch and smile!
7. This dog is like that one friend who loves to talk all the time. Watch this sweet pup respond to her owner by howling and chatting so much that she starts to answer the owner's questions before he's done asking them. This dog loves to talk and let her opinion be known!
8. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In this video, a woman and her husky repeat the phrase "I love you" back and forth to each other. Wouldn't you love it if your dog could speak those words to you? Watch this Husky express his love in the sweetest way.
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