These dogs know how to make themselves right at home (+ 8 videos)

Few things are as cute as videos of dogs falling asleep, but combine that with dogs who sleep in strange and funny places and ways, and you've got yourself some high-quality adorableness! From dogs who sleep comfortably in the cleverest places to dogs who happily dream and snore away, this collection of videos is sure to make you smile. Need a pick me up or a moment of puppy zen? Then these videos will make your day!
These clips show dogs sleeping in weird and funny locations. You will get a kick out of these canine sleepyheads! Watch, enjoy, then share the cuteness with your friends and family.
1. Out for the count! Baloo the blind dog has found the perfect place to sleep: the baby's car seat. What's more, this smart dog also used the blanket in the chair as an excellent pillow. Watch this video and revel in this dog's peaceful snoring.
2. Hush little puppy, don't say a word. This beautiful dog named Amber was struggling with anxiety and having trouble falling asleep, so his owner sang her a lullaby. Just like it did when we were little, this lullaby works like a charm! Watch Amber nod off into a quiet slumber in the video below.
3. Watching this golden retriever slowly drift off is heartwarming. Pippa the golden is sitting on her favorite couch and falling asleep while sitting up. Watch her fall back and stretch to sleep without missing a beat.
4. This sweet pup is falling asleep at the salon! You know when you are getting your hair done, your head massaged, and you're at your most relaxed? Well, that's precisely what is happening with this cute Yorkie. Watch this little dog drift off while having her head massaged.
5. It's the best way to end the day. Freddy knows it's time for bed when he is dressed in his fluffy pajamas and has his toy pickle cuddled up next to him. But the best moment of all? That's when mom tucks you into bed and makes sure you're snuggled in and ready to sleep. Check out Freddy's adorable video and resist the urge to take a nap.
6. This dog is in a very deep sleep! Here is a dog who is in such deep sleep that he is dreaming and snoring with his eyes open! That must be quite a dream that this guy is having. Maybe he is chasing squirrels or running in the dog park in his dreams. Watch the video below and try hard not to laugh!
7. This pup has her priorities in order. Amber loves taking overnight trips to her Aunt Mary's house. So what does she pack first for her trip? Why, the most essential item, of course: her pillow! In this adorable video, Amber reacts to being told about her upcoming visit. Watch this video and smile.
8. Sometimes it's hard to find the right spot! Ever have trouble falling asleep because you can't quite get comfortable in bed? That's the same problem that Nora is having in the video below. Her bed of choice is a beanbag chair, but it takes her a few minutes and a lot of hard work to get into sleep mode. Check out Nora's dilemma because you can definitely relate!
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