Watch these adorable Frenchies just doing their thing (+9 videos)

French bulldogs, affectionately nicknamed "Frenchies," are well-known for their friendliness and playfulness which makes them favorite choices for family companions. But Frenchies can also be adventurous, and the videos below show the extent to which this breed will go to have fun. And who can resist watching videos where dogs are having a good time?
These cute videos of Frenchies will put a smile on your face and brighten your day. You won't be able to resist the fun that these pups are having! When you've watched the videos, share them with the people in your life who could use a pick-me-up.
1. Skaters gonna skate, and so is Gizmo! Gizmo loves to do regular dog activities, like chewing sticks and walking on two feet, but in his heart, his favorite activity is to ride his skateboard. He started when he was three months old, and now he zips around like a true pro at the skatepark. Watch his amazing talents in this video!
2. Sometimes you just need to vent. For Lulu, talking about her problems with her best friend, her owner, often helps her sort out the stressors in her life. In this video, Lulu is asking her owner to play with her, and she's so adorable, who could say no? Watch Lulu "talk" and make her will be known.
3. This dog has a future in traffic control. Adorable little Pixel has a favorite toy, a remote control car. He loves to chase it around the floor of his house, pushing and pawing it back and forth. Watching his little legs bounce as he runs after the car is downright hilarious! Check out Pixel's video and share in his joyfulness.
4. Monkey see, monkey do, and this mini Frenchie loves her double life as a primate. This little dog named Chloe loves to play dress-up, especially in her favorite monkey costume. She is too cute, banana and all. Watch Chloe in all her adorableness below.
5. This Frenchie has some water in his eye. This little guy is a bit confused as to when and why the water is coming up through this fountain. But once he gets the hang of it, he's all good. Watch him figure out the fountain in the video below.
6. Somebody give this dog some water! This sweet pupper loves to swim in her pool --- even if there isn't any water in it! She will improvise and, as you can see in her video, she has some serious swim strokes for a dog swimming in an empty pool.
7. If Albus fits, he sits...and sleeps. Albus the Frenchie loves to sleep in his favorite spot, a drawer in his owner's desk. This little, clever canine can fit in the drawer and get some serious shut-eye with limited light exposure. It sounds like a serious sleeper's dream come true. Check out Albus' video below.
8. What would you do for a giant stuffed banana toy? Perhaps, like this cute Frenchie, you'd be willing to do a handstand --- or paw stand --- down the stairs. Oh, but you'll need to be in costume at the same time. Not your style? No worries, because this dog has you covered. Be amazed at this dog's ability and watch his video.
9. These two Frenchie friends need to chill out. So where do they go when they need a cooldown? Why, the fridge, of course! Watch the adorable video below of these buddies hanging out in the refrigerator.
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