We all get a little freaked out sometimes and these 6+ dogs are no excpetion

Like some other animals, dogs can get freaked out by new items in their environment. After all, what animal isn't afraid of something? Often people have phobias about things like spiders or snakes or enclosed spaces. It's no wonder that dogs would have some hang-ups of their own, too.
Check out the following videos that feature dogs who are dealing with some fears, some irrational, some entirely sensible. Is your dog afraid of any of these items? Watch these videos and see how your pup compares!
1. This large dog is freaked out by a small feather.
Yes, that's right. Prince, a sizable dog, won't walk out of the laundry room because of a feather stuck in the floor. We feel your pain, Prince! Many of us are frightened of things much smaller than we are. Watch how Prince handles this situation in the video below.
2. This dog was supposed to be the messenger, not the party itself! Charley the Golden Retriever has blue balloons attached to her collar to announce that her owners were going to have a baby boy. But it turns out Charley is not a fan of balloons! Check out how she tries to get rid of them in this video.
3. You tell him, Loki!
This video is so cute! Little Loki has one fear: the other little black dog who occupies the upstairs hallway, coincidentally every time Loki is in that hallway too! Good on you, Loki, for putting this pup in his place. Watch how Loki conquers his fear and feel free to laugh.
4. That's definitely a foul, buddy.
A Border Collie from Norway named Fant has a serious obsession with the foul line found on bowling alleys. He is attracted to the spot where it happens but then flips out when the buzzer sounds. Check out Fant's fouls below.
5. This pup will pass on the lemon.
Here is a little Dachshund who takes one sniff at a piece of lemon, then has a very spastic reaction to it. Don't worry, little guy! Lots of us feel the same way. Watch the dog's hilarious response in this video.
6. You can keep your boar to yourself, sir!
These two Pit Bulls are frightened by a small statue of a boar that is sitting next to their owner. They bark to try to defend their friend, but these two dogs turn out to be chickens in the end! Check out their reaction to the boar and try not to laugh too hard.
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