6+ adorable kittens just hanging out with their mommas

Few sights are as heartwarming as mother animals and their babies, and momma cats and kittens are no exception. Something is charming and moving about watching a mother care for her little ones. Mother cats lick their babies to both stimulate their need to eliminate as well as to comfort them and bond with them. That's one of the reasons why so many cats love to be petted when they get older.
If you need some cuteness and love in your day, the following videos will provide your desire. Watch these momma cats and their kittens, and immerse yourself in love!
1. This cat is one patient mom!
Mercury, a rescue cat, is showing great patience with two of her kittens, Aurora and Hubble. She persistently licks and grooms them even as they lick her back and try to jump on her. Check out this loving family in this video.
2. Live and learn, young grasshopper.
This adorable ginger kitten named Andouille is walking on his own and exploring his room. But when he tries to get back quickly to his mom, Nola, he wobbles and takes a spill. Nola is unconcerned as if to say, "Hey, kid, you'll fall, so learn to get back up." Check out Andouille's fall in the following video.
3. One week old kitten alert!
The clip below features one-week-old kittens who are just starting to move around. These little cuties are opening their eyes and trying to roll over, as well as nursing from their calm (and tired!) mother. This video is just adorable times four kittens.
4. Sometimes mom has to show some tough love.
Belle has her paws full with her energetic kittens, and sometimes she has to lay down the law with them and show them who's still the boss around here. Watch how she teaches her brood how to wrestle and play appropriately while putting them in their place when they don't listen.
5. Here's another pile of kittens!
Didn't get enough cuteness in video number three? Well, here are more sweet baby kittens who are two-weeks-old and already hissing! Never fear as Momma Mercury will get this litter in order in no time at all. Check out her excellent mothering abilities in the video below.
6. Foster moms are awesome, too.
These delightful kittens are hanging with their foster mom, a loving and patient Golden Retriever. Watch the kittens crawl and snuggle with their dog in this video. It will make your day!
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