6+ funny cat fails that'll make you LOL

Cats have reputations preceded by their incredible ability to balance, to jump vertically and horizontally, and to walk on their tiptoes as if they never take a wrong step. Ever. We're here to show you today that isn't always the case. Cats do indeed make some missteps, although they are unlikely to own up to it unless forced.
Has your cat ever missed a jump or lost his balance only to act as if nothing happened at all? The cats in the videos below try to shake off their errors too with hilarious results. Check them out and have a good laugh.
1. "Uh...I was pushed in! Right?"
Here is a tabby kitten just hanging out with his siblings, trying to show off by balancing on the edge of the box while scratching an itch, when...kerplunk! Don't worry, little guy. You'll get better with time and practice. Watch this little kitten take the plunge in the following video.
2. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
That scanner this cat decided to curl up and nap on was probably nice and warm at the time. Now that it's being used again, it's making all sorts of noises, and this cat doesn't want to admit that he's been awakened or that he made a poor choice of a napping location. Watch this cat's poker face in the clip below.
3. Fool me once, shame on you.
Ketchup is fooled into thinking those bird sounds are coming from on top of the refrigerator. So what's a cat to do except check it out? Sadly, Ketchup has some trouble getting off the ground floor, er, kitchen counter. Better luck next time, buddy! Watch Ketchup try to take flight in this clip.
4. Keep your day job, cat.
Skimbles tries to make the jump from the kitchen table to the countertop look effortless, but clearly, it's anything but simple. This video is a classic cat fail, so check it out.
5. Maybe not all cats were meant to climb.
Here is Skimbles again, back for more climbing fails. In fact, buddy, perhaps you should concentrate on being a floor cat. Climbing is not your forte. Watch as Skimbles takes some books down with him in this feline fail.
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