Watch these 6+ cats that just love to hang out in boxes

Cats in boxes always seem funny to people, but make perfect sense based on feline nature. Boxes are excellent places for protection from predators and as an ideal spot to ambush prey, whether that's a toy mouse or your feet. Also, boxes provide a secure, comfortable location for cat naps. If you own a cat, you know that napping is an essential part of the cat code of living.
Even though boxes are natural places for cats to attack from or retreat to, plenty of hilarious videos of felines in boxes can be found. Watch the videos below and have some laughs at the predicaments cats get into when they encounter a box.
1. Just because you can get in the box doesn't mean you can get out.
Flame, an older cat, was attracted to the cardboard cat chalet his owner made. The only problem was it was much easier for Flame to get in than to get out. Watch his efforts to escape in the following video.
2. Don't just walk into another cat's box.
Some cats love their boxes, and some love their boxes perhaps a little too much. In this clip, Charlie tried to share a box with Maroon, and it didn't end well. Watch the catfight that ensues below.
3. All boxes automatically belong to the cat.
If you're a dog who likes boxes, too bad. That's the lesson Bandito the pug learned when he tried to sit in boxes around the house. Cat friend Luigi wasn't having any of that nonsense. All boxes belong to Luigi. The sooner you learn this, Bandito, the easier your life will be. Watch this pug get pushed out of all the boxes.
4. Always pretend you can't see the cat in the box.
This lovely spaniel mix is pretty sure he sees his cat companion hiding in a pile of boxes around the corner, but the cat would prefer he not acknowledge her existence. Watch as the cat gives up the game at the end of this video.
5. Cats are cutest in small boxes.
The award for cutest video of the day goes to little Morty, an adorable cat who loves his small box. In fact, Morty surpasses the basic cuteness of cats in small boxes by repeatedly running and leaping into one and sliding across the floor. Watch the video below to see if you agree.
6. Don't try to take a box from a cat. Ever.
Cats get very territorial about their boxes, even the ones they literally can't fit in. The video below features a cat propped up on a small tissue box, and he makes it makes it clear the box is going nowhere. Check out the cat's reaction to the owner in this clip.
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