These 6+ dogs with their owners really prove that they are man's best friend

Dogs have long been referred to as "man's best friend." From the time when they first forged relationships with humanity, canines have proven time and time again their value to people in multiple ways. Dogs are there for their owners in times of need, to protect or to offer love and support.
The following videos feature dogs who show how much they love their owners. Truly, dogs are man's best friend and are far too good for us. Watch the videos below, then think about how your dog shows you love and affection every day.
1. Puppy hugs are the best medicine.
This Golden Retriever loves his owner so much, he crawls in his lap and pushes forward to "hug" him. All the while, the owner rewards his friend by stroking the sides of his face. This is true love! Watch these two friends in the video below.
2. Also, you can never have too many puppy hugs.
Need more hugs? Then look no further than our favorite hugging Golden Retriever. Here, he leans against his owner's face, eyes closed, happy to give a hug. What a sweet dog! Check out the bond between dog and owner in the following clip.
3. Good friends love to go on a road trip.
These two Golden Retrievers love to ride in the car with their owner, especially when he stops to get take out. In this video, the owner generously shares part of his burger with his two best buddies and even wipes their faces for them. Watch this adorable video below.
4. Good friends will often put up with your nonsense.
Watch as the dog owner in this video totally no sells his reaction to his dog. The pup is pulling on and attacking the hose the man is using, but he won't give the dog the satisfaction of getting a reaction out of him. Sometimes, we all need a friend who calls out our goofiness. See how the dog reacts in the following clip.
5. A good friend will always protect you, even from garden statues.
This loyal Pitbull doesn't know what that boar statue is but does think it's a treat to his beloved owner. He goes into bark mode, but it turns out this dog has more bark than bite! Watch how the video ends below.
6. A best friend will always go along for the ride.
As the man in the video spins in his office chair, the adorable Corgi in his arms calmly spins too. These two friends definitely have each other's back. Look at them twist in the following clip.
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