5+ cats who take the name scaredy cat literally

Cats have long had the reputation of being easily spooked, hence the term "scaredy cat." That term has often been used to label young kids who are reluctant to do something they probably shouldn't be doing. In reality, most cats are cool and chill, but like people who are afraid of spiders or heights, many felines have that one thing that scares the meows out of them.
Check out the following videos and the cats in them who react to someone or something that freak them out. Does your cat get scared of anything, and if so, does she behave like these cats? Watch these clips and find out.
1. This cat's dog needs a bath.
We don't know what this Border Collie mix rolled in, but it turns out that his cat friend doesn't care for the new odor. Watch as the cat takes a long sniff then bolts out of the room.
2. The cucumber trick never gets old.
Poor Meiko, the black cat in the video below. Here he was minding his own business and finishing his dinner only to turn around to see...a cucumber on the floor behind him. Check out how high Meiko jumps into the air to escape this dangerous vegetable.
3. It's Jurassic Meow, Felines vs. Velociraptors!
At the start of this video, we can hardly blame little Maya the cat for flipping out at this weird dinosaur robot that just showed up in her home. But with time, Maya starts to accept this walking pile of plastic as a companion. Check out the intense stare-down at the 2:17 mark of the video that gives way to an amazing play session.
4. Don't tell this cat that unicorns are trendy.
Unicorns might be all the rage right now, especially with young girls, but this cat couldn't care less. All he knows is that there is some weird stuffed animal with overly large eyes staring at him and he doesn't like it. Check out this cat's reaction to the unicorn in the following video.
5. This cat was not expecting that sweet rabbit ninja move.
Callie the cat seems to have the upper hand in her game with Bugsy the bunny. Then the rabbit turns the tables --- or couch --- with a move that would make any rabbit ninja master proud. Watch the rabbit get the best of the cat in the video below.
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