6+ cats who give the term sleeping beauty a whole new meaning

Ask any cat owner, and they will affirm a core feline truth: Cats are champion nappers. They have an incredible aptitude for falling asleep whenever and wherever they please, seemingly with little time or trouble. It's easy to be envious of their ability to drift off to sleep at the drop of a hat.
These videos feature cats who aren't just napping but sleeping in the most unusual places and positions. Does your cat nap in an odd way or location? Check out the clips below and see if your cat does the same thing.
1. This cat is way too comfortable.
Watch this clip as the camera pans to the bedroom to reveal a sleeping cat stretched out on his back across the bed. With one paw curled to his chest, he looks like he's dreaming of giving a Shakespearean soliloquy to an audience.
2. We all could use a nap guardian.
Who likes to be awakened in the middle of a warm, comfortable nap? No one. That's why we all need a nap guardian like the cat in this video has by his side. Watch this clip about a cat who wants to be left alone to nap and his avian friend preventing his buddy from being disturbed.
3. When you're out, you're out.
This sweet tabby has fallen asleep on a scanner of all places. He's in such a deep slumber that even the light and scanning equipment can't disturb his rest. Check out this adorable video below.
4. Drinking and sleeping and sometimes doing both.
An adorable little kitten inadvertently fell asleep while drinking water from a glass. No matter who pets his head or taps on the glass, it seems nothing will wake up this little guy. Watch how he does awaken in the following video.
5. This cat is anything but tongue-tied.
Here's a cat who loves sleeping with his little pink tongue sticking out. This video is beyond cute, so watch this cat nap that will bring a smile to your face.
6. How to enjoy a face nap.
It might not look comfortable from your perspective, but this cat loves to nap lying on his face. Hey, if it works for him, it works for him. Whatever makes you comfortable, buddy. Have a laugh and watch this guy having a delightful snooze.
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