5+ goofy and lovable boxers that'll make your day

Boxers are a breed well known for their loyalty, high energy, and devotion to their owners. But Boxers also have tons of personality, and their lovable silliness and goofiness can keep their families entertained for hours. They may look a little intimidating, but these sweet dogs love to have fun.
The Boxers in these videos are exhibiting some of their eccentricities and funny behaviors. Get ready for some laughs, and enjoy these clips.
1. Some Boxers are like little children when they don't get their way.
Lily the Boxer is having a temper tantrum, Lily-style. Here she is on the couch, talking and whining to her owner. She is not happy about something, and she is letting everyone know about it. Watch this cutie express her feelings in the video below.
2. This boxer offers window cleaning services.
From outside, Lily the Boxer can see her family through the window. She would prefer to be with them, so to get their attention, she "cleans" the windows with her tongue. The result is a hilarious video from an inside the house perspective. Watch Lily go to work in the following clip.
3. Lily the Boxer doesn't have a poker face.
In this video, Lily is not subtle at all about her desire to have the leftover pizza in the box next to her. The dog's serious response to her owner's questions is adorable. Do the "boo-boo" eyes work? Watch and find out.
4. This Boxer is headed to the Doggie Olympics.
Check out this incredible video of a Boxer with some impressive jumping skills. As her owner calls her, the Boxer leaps over the dog gate with some room to spare. There's a gold medal in this dog's future. Watch her incredible leap below.
5. Catching isn't this Boxer's forte.
We'll give Gunner the Boxer some credit for trying, but keeping an eye on the toy is not his talent. Better luck next time, buddy! Watch Gunner's catch-fail and face plant in this clip.
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