5+ videos that prove golden retrievers are the perfect family pet

The sweet nature of the golden retriever breed can initially be found in their friendly smiles, beautiful coats, and wagging tails. But goldens are well-known as a perfect family dog because of their personality and loyalty to their owners. You can always trust your golden retriever to be there for you in good times and in hard times. A hug from a golden retriever can change your entire day around.
Golden retrievers are the focus of the following videos. Check out how loving and wonderfully fun this breed is to have in your life, and get ready to smile at these clips.
1. Golden retrievers are very gentle around babies.
Baby J is having fun playing with his toy ball. His golden retriever, B, has the same idea. Watch as the baby and dog play together, and take particular note of how careful and tender B is when near Baby J. It's too adorable.
2. Golden retrievers are always up for anything involving tennis balls.
In this video, Biscuit the golden retriever is having fun play wrestling with Baby J over a tennis ball. The baby even tries to throw the ball for the dog to fetch. It's cuteness overload, so watch this video and let it brighten your day.
3. Golden retrievers love to snuggle.
This owner loves to pet his golden retriever and snuggle with her, which is one of a golden's favorite things to do. Look at the peaceful, relaxed look on the dog's face as her head is gently stroked. Hug your dog after watching this sweet clip.
4. Golden retrievers like to fetch and catch.
Here is a golden retriever who is perfecting his second job as a caddie for his owner. Watch as the owner pitches a tennis ball with his golf club toward the dog who catches it effortlessly. Nice job, goldie!
5. Golden retrievers are perfect partners for an ice cream run.
Want to take the family out for some ice cream? Don't forget about your golden retriever. This clip features Cooper, a golden pup who enjoys dog-friendly ice cream. He gets a heaping cone filled with ice cream, but he finds that trying to eat it all at once might be a bit challenging. Brain freeze, Cooper? Watch this pup walk down his ice cream in the video below.
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