6+ dogs enjoying some time in the pool trying to beat the heat

The summer heat waves have begun, and while people work hard to beat the heat, dogs have to work even harder. That's why so many of them find relief from the hot temperatures by hitting the pool. Swimming isn't for every dog, but many of them figure out how nice that cold water feels on a humid day pretty quickly.
These videos feature dogs who are using the pool to combat the heat and having a great time while doing so. If you need a smile to get you through your heat wave, then check out these clips.
1. It's the next best thing to being in the pool.
This cute little dog is too small to swim on her own, but that doesn't stop her from paddling away right above the water. One of her owners splashes a little water on her to cool her off as she goes through the doggie paddle motions. Check out this sweet dog in the video below.
2. Pools are more fun when your friends are around.
In this video, a little girl is playing with her three huskies in her pool. She is delighted to have her best four-footed friends there with her. The dogs are a bit more interested in the water hose than their human friend, but it's all good. Watch these four friends have fun in the pool.
3. This dog beats the heat by relaxing in the pool.
Bella the doberman values the peace and quiet that the water affords her. She lies back in her tube and floats around the pool, utterly calm and relaxed. Now that's the way to deal with a hot day. Check out Bella in relaxation mode in the following clip.
4. This pool won't fill itself, people.
Maddie the Labrador is tired of waiting for her owner to fill up her pool, so she takes matters into her own paws. Watch as she takes the hose, drags it over to her plastic pool, and tries to fill it up. You might need some help from your owner, Maddie, but we appreciate your initiative.
5. These dogs have mastered the art of pool lounging.
This video features the coolest, most chill dogs in the world. These pups know the best way to relax and soak up the rays is by hanging out in the pool. Check out these masters of relaxation, especially the dog with the sunglasses.
6. Hop on Pup.
Here are two dogs waiting for their owner to throw a frisbee into the pool. When she does, the first dog hops in to get it. The other dog moves to the opposite side of the pool and unleashes an epic cannonball on his canine friend. I think his buddy is traumatized for life. Watch the pool collision in the video below.
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