6+ videos to watch to convince yourself that you need a corgi

Mix some strength, liveliness, and athleticism with an affectionate, loyal, independent character and put it in one small, cute package: you've got yourself a corgi. The Pembroke Welsh corgi is a breed on an upward trend, and it's no wonder considering their sweet and playful nature. Corgis were bred to herd cattle, so they have lots of heart and guts, and they won't get pushed around despite their smaller stature.
In these videos, you'll see the way corgis interact with their family members and their environments. You'll love these little dogs so much that you might want to get one for yourself. These clips are too cute to miss, so watch them and get ready to smile.
1. Don't worry, Cobee. We've all been there before.
Cobee is a delightfully lazy little corgi who wants his chew treat but not so much that he has to stand all the way up to reach it. Hey, Cobee, most of us do the same thing on lazy days. Watch as this corgi extends a (too short) paw in a futile effort to get his snack.
2. Must. Stay. Still.
This charming corgi isn't sure what to do with the chick sitting on top of his head. All the dog knows is that he's afraid to move. Check out this cute clip in the video below.
3. This corgi needs some coffee, stat.
Little Kona is very interested in her owner's Starbucks iced coffee. It's no wonder because by the end of this video we can see that Kona really needed some caffeine right away. This pup's smile is too sweet to resist. Watch her video below and see.
4. Everyone needs a pile of corgi puppies.
You can rid yourself of your stress (temporarily) by living vicariously through the woman in this video. She is being bombarded by corgi puppies intent on kissing her face. If only we all had this problem. Check out the cuteness in the following clip.
5. Pavlov should get tons of treats for this snowy effort.
Pavlov the corgi can barely lift his head over the mounds of snow around him, but that's not enough to stop this tough guy. He showcases the strength of his breed by his persistence and his efforts to jump through the snow. Watch Pavlov's athleticism in the video below.
6. This corgi knows how to strut his stuff.
Look at this little pup go on the treadmill. His head is held high, his mouth is open, his tongue is wagging, and he is marching on that machine with all the confidence in the world. You go, pup! Get your exercise for the day done by watching this pup's adorable video.
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