Watch these 5+ dogs who know just how to cool down in the hot summer

We're entirely into summer, and the heat waves are already rolling across the country. While people work to stay cool, what do our dogs do to be comfortable in hot, humid weather? We might think we've got it bad when we're sweating away in ninety-degrees, but dogs have fur, and that makes things tricky for them. They have to be a bit more creative to handle the heat.
The dogs in these videos are providing examples of how canines can creatively deal with high temperatures. Does your dog do any of these things to stay cool? Watch these clips and find out.
1. "No, I'd like to stay right here, thank you."
This adorable puppy is no dummy. That floor is nice and smooth and cool, and that feels good on his little belly. So while his owner might be saying, "Let's go," this puppy is replying, "Nope." Watch his cute protest in the video below.
2. If you fit, and it's cool, then you sit.
These two French bulldogs are downright brilliant. They've found the best way to grab a few minutes of heaven on a hot day: the fridge. These little guys can fit right in the fridge, so I say, go for it! Just don't drink all those beers at once. Check out these smarties in the following clip.
3. It's the best place in the world for a dog.
While people might think Disney is the greatest place in the world, dogs would beg to differ. Take this crew, for instance. These dogs are having a blast staying cool by having an all-out pool party. You can't help but smile while watching this video. Enjoy!
4. Smart, healthy, and neat: this dachshund is the total package.
Here's a dog who is more intelligent than the average pup. This dachshund knows how to keep cool on a hot day by eating his favorite summer fruit, watermelon. He is eating healthy and cooling off, but he's also doing it with the neatest bites possible. Check out this fruit-loving pup in this video.
5. This dog knows you need to hydrate in hot weather.
The dog in this video is carrying around a cold water bottle in his mouth. Aside from looking adorable, he's offering an important public service announcement, keeping his temperature down, and probably daydreaming about the moment when he will get to drink the water from the bottle. Stay cool, buddy! Watch this dog parade around with his refreshing drink.
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