5+ cats the go cuckoo for catnip

Catnip: most cats will do anything for it and go bonkers when they get it. Many cats will meow, rub their faces or bodies in it, or even eat it altogether. Although some cats are not attracted to catnip, the cats featured in the videos below are definitely not in that group. From begging to sticking their heads into catnip canisters, the felines in these clips love their catnip.
How does your cat react to catnip? Watch the cats in these clips and see if they respond like your cat does.
1. This cat will take the bag, too.
Milo loves catnip so much that he doesn't even need to take it out of the bag to consume it. He just chews the bag itself, and when his owner tries to take it away from him, he drags it right back. This is a cat who knows what he wants. Watch Milo enjoying his catnip bag in the clip below.
2. A first time cat-nipper finds the secret to happiness.
In this video, a beautiful tabby cat is introduced to catnip for the first time. He takes a few curious sniffs at first, then all bets are off as he is soon rolling in a pile of nip on the kitchen floor. Check out this funny cat and video.
3. Please? Pretty please?
Who could say no to this adorable face? This kitten is begging for some catnip so effectively that surely she got her way in the end. Watch the cuteness overload in the following video.
4. If you want something done right, do it yourself.
Jack the cat wants his toy --- and not just any toy, but his favorite catnip-filled squeaky toy. Unfortunately, the toy is put away in a cabinet, but that doesn't stop Jack one bit. Check out this persistent cat who will do anything for his catnip toy.
5. What is this magic stuff?
Weina, a rescued cat, tries catnip for the first time in this video, and she is immediately hooked. This cute cat eats the catnip and tries to fit her head in the canister to get as much of it as possible. Watch Weina enjoy her nip in the clip below.
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