If you need to brighten your day then you should check out these adorable babies with their pups

There are few things as adorable as a young kid or a dog, but combine these two towers of cuteness in videos and you have clips that everyone wants to watch if only to brighten their day a bit. So if you've had a tough week, these videos are guaranteed to make you smile.
The clips below feature infants and toddlers with their favorite canine buddies loyally at their side. Sit back, watch these clips, and immerse yourself in a few minutes of cuteness overload.
1. You can pull any fur anytime, kid.
This loyal and loving golden retriever sits faithfully next to her infant companion. The baby seems just as content being next to her canine friend and even got so far as to bury her tiny little fingers into the dog's fur. The dog takes the hair pulling without the slightest bit of angst. Watch this adorable pair in the video below.
2. Cartoons are always better to watch with a friend.
Silas and his dog, Abba, are cuddled up together on the couch watching cartoons. At one point, Silas leans against his dog and gives him a kiss. Truly, this is a heartwarming, sweet video to watch.
3. This dog is the most patient canine in the world.
In this clip, Coco the fluffy dog is manhandled by Bella, his little toddler friend. Bella grabs onto Coco's fur and pulls back and forth, probably to keep her balance to stand upright. Coco sits there patiently through the whole process. Watch as this loyal dog lets this young girl use him for balance.
4. These two friends know how great it is to chill.
Baby J and her golden retriever companion are enjoying a sunny morning just relaxing and posing for their video. Both child and dog are serene and totally at peace with their surroundings. Watch your moment of zen in the video below.
5. If the bouncer fits, go for it.
This adorable dog loves his little friend so much that he shares the baby's bouncer and the toys hanging above the bouncer. The dog is having a good time and the baby doesn't seem to mind, and somewhere in there, the dog gives the kid a kiss. It's so cute, you have to watch.
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