You haven't seen anything quite as sweet as these baby pugs +5 videos

Pugs are a downright adorable breed of dog, but if possible, they are even cuter when they are puppies. There is something about their little squirmy bodies and smooched in noses that tend to elicit squeals of delight from onlookers and passersby. The following videos are no exception in the cuteness department.
Check out these cute pug puppies in these clips, along with their companions, and celebrate this breed for its cuteness and its great temperament.
1. There's no better gift than a pug.
In this sweet video, a groom surprises his bride with the pug puppy she has wanted for so long. Grab a tissue for this one, watch this clip, then hug your pug for extra measure.
2. Pugs for hugs.
The little boy in this video seems to be having a tough day, but a hug with his pug puppy makes things alright again. Check out this cute video below.
3. This video is too cute for words.
Watch as the owner of this pug puppy interacts with him as he lies in her lap. He tries to grab onto her finger and seems very comfortable in his owner's hands. Watch this sweet clip below.
4. Puppy pug kisses are the best.
A young boy plants the sweetest, gentlest little kiss on his pug puppy's face, and the dog's reaction is just adorable. Check out their interaction in the following video.
5. These two are already best friends for life.
A baby boy and his pug puppy fit into his rocker, and the two couldn't be happier about it. Both the baby and the pug enjoy the rocking motion as the pug leans against the baby's chest. This video is beyond cute, so watch it below.
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