5+ dogs that refuse to just take a normal walk

For most dogs, walking with an owner is one of the first steps of training that they learn. Many dogs excel at learning to walk on a lead and on heel and thoroughly enjoy the chance to spend time in the great outdoors with their beloved pet parents. But then there are the other dogs --- the ones who choose to do things in a unique way including taking some extraordinary walks.
These videos feature adorable dogs who are walking the way they want to, and with whom they want to, and they don't regret one minute of it. So after you're done walking your dog, sit back and enjoy these clips.
1. This dog takes himself for a walk.
This beautiful golden retriever doesn't need anyone to walk with him; he likes to grab his lead, carry it in his mouth, and walk himself. His confident swagger and walk capture the attention of all the people in this clip. Watch this dog do his own thing in the video below.
2. You do you, Lexy.
Lovely Lexy, an older dog, loves to strut her stuff while carrying her bone around the neighborhood --- in a pink tutu. That's right, this dog happily wears her pink tutu out on her strolls. We say good for you, Lexy! Keep on being the adorable pup that you are. Watch Lexy cruise around her neighborhood in the following clip.
3. No dog left behind.
These two golden retrievers are best friends and they never walk anywhere without each other. One holds their favorite stuffed toy while the other holds the leash for his best buddy. Check out this too cute video below.
4. This terrier likes to lead the way.
When this adorable rescued terrier walks, he takes the biggest friends in the barn with him. This dog has no problem leading horse from the stable even though they are hundreds of pounds heavier than him. The horses know who the boss is around here. Watch this dog lead his equine friend in the following clip.
5. This pup is practicing for the big time.
Ottie the golden retriever pup is having the best time walking his Shetland pony friend, even though the pony is clearly tolerating Ottie's antics. But this cute puppy is having such a good time, you can't help but watch this and smile.
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