5+ dogs with incredible upper paw strength. Check out these "hand"standing doggos

Dogs are capable of incredible athletic feats, sometimes with training and sometimes based on natural ability and talent. There are dogs who can skateboard and back flip, and pups who can dance and catch frisbees in mid-air. Then there are the dogs who handstand --- or paw stand, and there reasons for doing so are hilarious.
Watch these dogs who choose to walk on two legs instead of four in certain circumstances. Can your dog balance on two legs? See if he is as talented and quirky as this group of dogs.
1. Pee Tape #1
This fluffy dog doesn't like to get his fur wet, and who can blame him? So when he does his business, he lifts his back feet off the ground to keep his fur clear of the stream. Smart thinking, pup! Check out this dog's moves in the video below.
2. Pee Tape #2
Augie the dog has an impressive talent. He is able to lift himself onto his front feet while urinating, and he doesn't get a drop on himself. This dog's balance is incredible. Watch him go in the following clip.
3. Pee Tape #3
Here is a pug who can pee at the same time he does a handstand while he is moving. Think it can't be done? Look at this pup balance and go at the same time in the video below.
4. It got him there faster.
In his haste to get down the stairs to collect his favorite toy, this adorably dressed pup tripped and accidentally did a handstand right down to the floor. Thankfully, everything was fine and he was happy to get his toy. Check out his feat in the following clip.
5. The dog who can do it all.
Ziggy Trixx is an amazing dog who always entertains with his talents and abilities. In this video he not only does a handstand, but he also breakdances, jumps, weaves, and rides a skateboard amongst other tricks. You have to see this pup to believe it, so check out his video.
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