These 5+ dogs are so lucky and spoiled rotten but it's totally worth it to see how happy they are

If you own a dog, you are probably like many other dog owners who pamper and spoil their fur baby. Dogs bring people so much happiness and joy that we like to give some back by brightening their day with a special treat or two. That's exactly what happened to each of the dogs in this collection of videos.
Watch below as these sweet pups all receive a special something that brings a smile to their furry faces. After you're done watching these clips, go give your pup a treat to let her know you love her too.
1. This dog has to work for his gift, but it's worth it.
What a lucky dog! His owner had an Amazon gift card for $50 so he bought $50 worth of bones for the dog. This pup has to work a bit to get the box open, but when he does, he has hit the jackpot. Watch this cute video below.
2. It was the best Christmas ever.
This black Labrador has the best doggy parents. They put together a Christmas morning surprise for their dog who is a fan of teddy bears and bones. With balloons, reindeer antlers, and bows, this dog totally digs into his treats. Check out this sweet video.
3. Here's a malamute who loves to open presents on Christmas Day.
Tonka the malamute is another dog who loves Christmas because of all the gifts he gets to open. In this video, he has to wait until his owner gives him the go ahead, and he howls in protest. Check out this cute video of Tonka opening up his gifts.
4. Every princess needs a castle.
This video is so incredibly sweet. Princess, an English bulldog, gets a grand gift that every princess wants: a pink castle. Princess' happiness and reaction to this gift will definitely make your day brighter. Watch this cute dog express her joy in this clip.
5. This dog likes to eat junk food in disguise.
Take one golden doodle, dress him up as a teddy bear, and hand him a basket full of doggie sweets and treats, and you've got this funny video. Although the dog looks a little stuffed in the costume, he does seem to enjoy the one treat that he can reach. Watch this "bear" and his basket of goodies in the following video.
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