Ziggy Trixx is the coolest street performing dog ever and here are 5+ videos to prove it

Meet Ziggy Trixx, an incredibly talented dog whose intelligence and skills have made him a world renowned performance dog. At only nine months old, Ziggy Trixx, trained by his owner Adam Basharan, first caught the attention of the BBC media. Then, in 2014, Ziggy Trixx began winning talent competitions. As the dog gained more popularity, his owner realized that Ziggy Trixx could do some good for his breed, too.
Ziggy Trixx is a Staffordshire bull terrier, a breed that is often feared and discriminated against. With Ziggy as a "spokesdog" for his breed, hopefully people will see the incredible love these dogs have for life. Check out this amazing dog in the videos below.
1. Ziggy Trixx, skateboarding master.
One of Ziggy Trixx's favorite things to do is skateboard. In this clip, he is wearing his camouflage coat while enjoying some premium skate time at a local skatepark. Just watch how much fun this pup is having in this clip.
2. Dancing and jumping and playing dead, oh my!
This video features owner Dem and Ziggy Trixx completing one of their performance routines. Watch as Ziggy Trixx dances between his owner's legs, jumps up high and higher on command, and plays dead in a spectacular manner. Check out how much fun this dog is having in this video.
3. Happy Birthday, Ziggy Trixx!
For Ziggy Trixx's 4th birthday, he and his owner gave a street performance to remember. Our favorite trick pup donned a Superman cape, received some new toys from Dem (including a favorite dinosaur one), then took to the skateboard for some fun and action. Watch Ziggy's birthday bash in the following clip.
4. Ziggy skates, scoots, and scores.
Not only can Ziggy Trixx use a skateboard, but he is also good on a scooter as he proves in the video below. Watch as this street performance dog with a top hat on his head charms his audience with his talent and enthusiasm.
5. Ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only Ziggy Trixx!
Ziggy Trixx loves his life with Dem, performing daily on the street to the amazement of passersby. It isn't just his abilities --- Ziggy is amazing at dancing, skateboarding, scooting, playing dead, and jumping --- but it's the clear passion for what he does that makes him such an amazing dog. Check out Ziggy's love for life in the video below.
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