11-year-old dog abandoned with this heartbreaking note

Imagine one day you’re on your way to the park. You're so excited to play for a few hours, make some new friends, then go home to your cozy, warm bed. That’s what Cletus, the 11-year-old lab mix, thought he was doing with his family. But that’s not what happened.
Instead, Cletus was left at the playground with nothing but a box of toys and an extremely sad note. The note stated he was abandoned because his owner no longer had a place to stay but that he is “a very good dog” and that he still plays like a puppy. 

Cletus was abandoned and he’s looking for his FURever home along with more than 200 of his canine and feline friends. ...

Posted by Gwinnett Animal Shelter on Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Thankfully, Cletus was taken in by the Gwinnett County Animal Control where they found out just how amazing he really is. Despite his age, Cletus still loves to play fetch and is always ecstatic to meet new people. 
Volunteers and staff were worried that because of Cletus’s age, he would have a harder time getting adopted. “Most people don’t want older dogs. It’s very rare. We usually have to save them through a rescue,” Jan Grissom, a volunteer at the Gwinnett County Animal Control said. (11Alive.com). 
Because Gwinnett County Animal Control is not a no-kill shelter, dogs who aren't adopted or transferred to a rescue could eventually face euthanasia. 
Luckily, that wasn't the case for Cletus - he's adopted! Volunteers are still searching for his original owner, though, and his adopter has agreed to return Cletus to his original owner if and when they are able to properly care for him again.
If you are looking for a new family member, consider adopting an older dog. They are often overlooked at shelters but still make amazing companions!

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