Rescuers save dog, 17, who was found alone in the woods

Fireworks are a staple for Independence Day parties. For most dogs, though, they’re a nightmare. What are fun, beautiful lights in the sky for us are loud, terrifying sounds for dogs. So when 17-year-old shepherd mix Rocky heard fireworks in his New Hampshire neighborhood, he got so spooked he bolted into the woods.
Scared and alone, time was running out for Rocky until Jake Higgins, a logger, was working in a remote area of the forest near Conway, New Hampshire spotted Rocky wandering alone. He immediately contacted Conway Area Humane Society.
Debra Cameron, the shelter’s operations manager, and Kevin Ahearn, a volunteer, went to meet with Higgins to rescue Rocky. Luckily, Higgins knew the trails well enough to know where Rocky was heading. They got there just in time to see his tail before he trotted down a slope. (The Dodo).
Cameron caught up with Rocky and was able to capture the rescue on video. They weren’t sure at the time how long he was there for or why he was even there in the first place. 

UPDATE! Thanks to all of your shares, the owner has been located! They have been searching for 4 days for Rocky. He dissappeared after being spooked by fireworks. Rocky is 17 years old and has cancer, he is loved and very missed. We are SO relieved this story has a happy ending. ----------------------- Please share, and if you recognize this dog, please contact the shelter. Thank you Kevin Ahearn for carrying this sweet boy out of the woods!

Posted by Conway Area Humane Society on Friday, July 8, 2016
The story doesn’t end there, though. Less than an hour after posting the video to the Conway Area Humane Society’s Facebook page, a family friend recognized Rocky and his story was revealed. It was then they found out that Rocky ran away over Independence Day weekend after being spooked by the fireworks. They also found out Rocky has cancer.
Rocky’s owner had been looking for him ever since he ran away – not realizing he ventured miles away in the woods. Thanks to Higgins and the Conway Area Humane Society, Rocky and his owner were finally reunited after nearly a week of being apart. 
Rocky’s dad, a dog lover who has helped others search for lost pets, was so grateful he was safe and sound, he made a donation to the Conway Area Humane Society.
Conway Area Humane Society
Although Rocky’s story has a happy ending, not all dogs are as a lucky – especially when it comes to fireworks. Pets should always be safely secured indoors during fireworks to avoid what happened to Rocky. (The Dodo).

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