Dog sneaks out every day to see her friend. Here's why

When a dog runs away from home, it may be because they are chasing a small animal, are expert hole diggers, or in Saki's case, to hang out with their next door neighbor.
Saki lived next door to Danny, a young boy with developmental delays. Danny is the third adopted child of Dixie and Edward, a couple from California. Dixie didn’t mind the fact that Danny struggled with basic motor skills and potty training as well as speaking in full sentences. Dixie and Edward tried everything they could to give their children everything they needed except one thing: a dog. But Saki was about to change that.
Dennie, Edward and Dixie's next door neighbor, trained search dogs. Saki was in the process of his training, but before Saki's training was done something remarkable happened.
Saki began to try and sneak out from her backyard nearly every day. One day, she finally succeeded. Saki immediately ran across the street to Dixie and Edward’s house to see Danny. She jumped on him, Danny smiled, and the rest is history.
Saki started escaping every day just to see Danny. His first complete sentence was, “I am Saki’s daddy.” From there, he began to speak better, was potty trained, and could even throw a ball. Saki knew Danny needed her.
But then the day came when Saki finished her training and it was time for her to go back to the rescue organization. Despite their initial reservation of getting a dog, they tried to adopt Saki. However, the rescue organization said it wouldn't be possible.
But they didn’t give up. They knew that if the agency could just see the boy and his dog together, they'd have to change their minds. Eventually, representatives from the organization made their way to see the effect Saki had on Danny. They decided to change their decision - Saki and Danny were meant to be together.
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