Rescue dog saw a girl in danger. Then he sprung into action and did this

Dobermans tend to have a bad reputation. They are often thought of as an aggressive, unfriendly breed and are typically overlooked in animal shelters. But when an Australian family decided they were going to take home a rescue Doberman named Khan, they had no idea the impact he would have on their lives.
Like so many other rescue dogs, Khan came from difficult, abused past. His mom Catherine was going to do all she could to make sure he was showered with love and that he felt part of the family. Khan also shares his home with Catherine’s 17-month old daughter, Charlotte.
Only four days after bringing Khan home, Catherine noticed he was acting strange around Charlotte. While in the backyard, Khan kept nudging and pushing Charlotte around. Khan was acting more aggressive than Catherine had ever seen and she feared that, because of Khan’s abused past, he was going to snap at Charlotte.
Before she could do anything, Catherine saw Khan grab Charlotte by the diaper and throw her a few feet across the yard. The next thing Catherine heard was a loud yelp of pain.
Catherine rushed over and saw that Khan had been bitten in the paw by a king brown snake. Australia is home to many of the world's deadliest animals and a bite from a king brown snake could easily kill a human – especially one of Charlotte’s age and size.
But Khan saved her.
Khan was able to scare the snake away by angrily barking at it - despite the venom coursing through his veins - before collapsing.

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Posted by Faunagraphic on Sunday, February 21, 2016
Catherine was able to rush Khan to the clinic where he was given an antivenom and made a fully recovery. Despite living with his new family for just four days, Khan risked his life to save Charlotte's.
Though you may not always know the past of a rescue dog, they are often remarkable, loyal companions with so much love to give. Khan didn't come from the best past but his future is sure to be filled with all the love and companionship he deserves.
If you are looking for a new family member, make sure to check out your local animal shelter - your very own Khan is waiting for you!