This dog was attacked by a wild animal, that's when he found a miracle

If you are badly injured, you probably wouldn’t think of climbing up a steep hill – especially if you could hardly walk. But for Hank, a dog from Costa Rica who survived a brutal animal attack, that wasn’t the case.
The founder of the Costa Rica Dog Rescue, Scott Bradley, found Hank while he was outside the sanctuary and yelled for help. Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope for Paws in Los Angeles, who was visiting the rescue, heard Bradley’s call for help and found him with the severely injured dog.
Hank, a senior dog with numerous teeth missing and wounds covering his face and body, appeared to have been attacked by another animal yet miraculously managed to make it up the steep hill to the rescue.
Bradley and Hagar brought Hank to the sanctuary and made him feel comfortable until they could bring him to the local vet clinic the following morning.
While at the vet, they noticed Hank had several infections and needed to stay there for some time. During his stay, Hank was welcomed by several dogs wanting to say hello; he was enthusiastic and kind with each and every one of them.
Despite the fact that Hank’s injuries likely came from a dog attack, he has absolutely no animosity towards anyone – dogs included. “He just licks all the dogs around him. He’s just so cool and such a special, special dog. Some dogs have a very special impact on you and Hank is definitely one of those dogs,” Hagar said. (The Dodo).
Once Hank finished his treatment in Costa Rica, he made his way to Los Angeles to Grand Paws Rescue. Now, Hank is in a foster home where he is receiving all the love and attention he deserves!
If you are interested in adopting Hank, you can contact Grand Paws Rescue!
Here is the full video of Hank’s rescue:

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