Dog was returned to a shelter and has the most heartbreaking response

Imagine living the majority of your life in a home with a warm bed, a couch to cuddle on, and backyard to run around in. Now imagine it was gone in an instant. That’s what happened to Puffy, a six-year old pit bull mix who was dumped at a shelter by the only family he’s ever known after five years together. They didn’t even bother to look back as he stared out the window, crying.
When the founder of Long Island Pit Stop Animal Rescue, Suzanne Levin Kaplan, found Puffy and saved his life on the day he was set to be euthanized

FOSTER NEEDED for Puffy! Puffy is back with LIPS due to no fault of his own. This poor dog just can't catch a break!...

Posted by Long Island Pit Stop Animal Rescue on Thursday, May 12, 2016
Puffy was adopted soon after by who he thought was his forever family - he was wrong.
This past winter, Kaplan received a phone call. Puffy’s family no longer wanted him after their children went off to college and they had no more time for him. So, they dumped him back at the shelter.

Puffy is famous! Read the Barkpost article about him by the wonderful Ellyn Kail. Puffy is up for adoption through Long Island Pit Stop. Call 917-685-8422.

Posted by Long Island Pit Stop Animal Rescue on Friday, July 22, 2016
All the instability is taking a toll on Puffy – whenever he is in a crate or cage, he bangs his head and body against the walls until he is bruised. He wants nothing more than to be free and in a loving home.

Sad and miserable are only two words to describe how puffy is feeling these days. Puff man was part of a family for 6...

Posted by Long Island Pit Stop Animal Rescue on Wednesday, June 15, 2016
All Puffy wants is to find his forever home with people who love and care about him. After Puffy was returned, Kaplan wasn’t sure if Puffy would remember her – after all, it’s been five years since they last saw each other – but that wasn’t the case.
Puffy instantly recognized her and showered her with love.
Despite all the turmoil and heartbreak Puffy has endured, he remains a loving, affectionate dog. He knows that love is forever – even though his previous family did not.

Puff Man looking happier than ever but that is a far cry from how he is feeling today. Puffy, a great dog sits in...

Posted by Long Island Pit Stop Animal Rescue on Sunday, June 26, 2016
Puffy is still looking for his forever home. If you are looking for a truly amazing, special dog, consider adopting Puffy by reaching out via Puffy Prays for a Home Facebook page,, or call 917-685-8422.

Super awesome Puffy is still looking for his happily ever after! We can't figure out why he hasn't been scooped up yet!...

Posted by Long Island Pit Stop Animal Rescue on Thursday, July 28, 2016