Frédéric Pignon dances with three Friesian stallions

Friesians are beautiful and strong horses known for their agility. Frédéric Pignon, a French horse trainer proves this sentiment to be true in a remarkable performance with not one, but three Frisian stallions. Pignon takes command of the horses as they follow his lead with impeccable grace. 
When the performance first starts, we see a captivating stallion galloping alongside the trainer.
Sandrine Bertrand-Nel
The horse follows each command including picking up a riding crop and posing.
Sandrine Bertrand-Nel
When the second horse comes out, there is not a moment of hesitation as they gallop in unison and take individual commands.
Sandrine Bertrand-Nel
But, wait! There's even a third horse!
Sandrine Bertrand-Nel
What's even more amazing is that the horses work together to continue a remarkable performance.
Sandrine Bertrand-Nel
The animals continue to alternate working together and also performing solo acts. Breathtaking! 
Pignon is considered among the best trainers in the world. His attentiveness and depth of understanding horses it a top reason that he is so successful with training them to do performances such as this. He understands that there is much more to the horse than regular methods. In an interview with Horse Collaborative Pignon said, "What I observe most of the time is that people use methods like horses are bicycles. They’re horses. A horse is a big adventure when you start to be with one." He commits himself to learning about the horse and training each individual horse in the way that is most effective. 
This type of performance is not uncommon among Friesian horses. The breed is versatile and can be used for anything from riding to dressage. They are intelligent animals that can complete various tasks and take direction very well. 
Check out the video for the entire performance. Be sure to share with all your horse-loving friends! 

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