Vet Ranch Rescues A Pregnant Dog And Her 12 PupsĀ 

Vet Ranch is continuing to change the lives of countless animals who are injured, homeless or scheduled to be euthanized at other shelters. In a heartwarming video documented by veterinarian Matt Schuessler, a pregnant dog named Gracie is rescued from death row and brought to Vet Ranch to deliver her pups in a safe environment. 
The Texas-based nonprofit organization housed Gracie in the weeks leading up to her delivery. Dr. Schuessler administered frequent checkups and conducted X-rays to ensure that pregnant Gracie was on a healthy track. To Dr. Schuessler's great astonishment, one of Gracie's X-rays revealed a whopping 11 to 12 puppies. When Gracie finally delivered, the number of pups that came out was 12. 
Vet Ranch, a nonprofit animal clinic with a growing YouTube presence, has seen much success with its videos of rescues and recoveries. Gracie's journey is a prime example of Vet Ranch's online reach; uploaded in mid-June, the video has already received over 870,000 views. As Dr. Schuessler describes on the Vet Ranch site, the organization's amount of growth has been astounding. With the help of individual donations, Vet Ranch has served as an interim home and convalescence site for numerous homeless animals that now have a second chance at life. 
The full video of Gracie's rescue provides an update on her and the pups after delivery. Dr. Schuessler reports that Gracie and one of her young are being taken in by a Vet Ranch client, while the other pups will be placed in good homes. 
Check out how adorable Gracie's litter is in the video below!
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