Hundreds of families rush to adopt abandoned cat because of its one strange trait

Nothing like a good pair of chompers to set you apart from the crowd. At first glance, four-year-old Rory looks like just another ordinary black cat. On closer inspection, you will see that his fang-like teeth give him quite a unique look.
Reportedly, he landed in Bettersea Dogs and Cats Shelter because his former family didn't have the funds to care for him, but he didn't stay there long. Huffington Post indicates that the unique cat was dubbed "vampire cat" after his image was spread like crazy on the Internet.
Unfortunately, Rory had to have extensive dental work done which led to the removal of several teeth. However, the signature fangs were able to stay intact. JoAnna Puzzo, the cattery's team leader said, "Any little quirk or feature that makes a cat stand out in the cattery is guaranteed to draw attention from potential owners, and Rory certainly knows how to show off the pearly whites he has left."
According to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Facebook page, "Lovely Rory can be timid at first but once he bonds with you he will show how affectionate he is and will enjoy spending quality time with you." That was the message that countless viewers saw before his image went viral.
People from around the world were interested in Rory. Potential adopters came forward from several countries. Including Cambodia! His Dracula-esque features coupled with his sweet personality made him hard to resist.
Fortunately, this beautiful feline found his forever home. And we are sure that the family knows just how lucky they are to have this guy apart of their family.
What a great happy end for such a special cat. Share the good news with your friends.

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