Meet the odd-looking cat that's drawing attention for looking like a fictional character

Has anybody ever said that you look like a celebrity? A six-month-old Oriental Shorthair cat named Teddy hears it all the time. His prominent green eyes and enormous ears make him a dead ringer for Dobby, the house elf from the Harry Potter movie series.
While the unique feline may look like a character straight out of a fantasy world, he actually resides in Ocean City, New Jersey, with Christine Gonzales, his owner. Gonzales certainly knew she had an unusual-looking pet, but even she was surprised when she shared his photo on Reddit and it received over 900,000 hits!
Obviously he is quite a favorite among Harry Potter fans. Nobody can seem to get enough of his Dobby-like appearance. We can't say that we blame them; just look at those ears!
While Teddy is certainly an Internet favorite, according to Daily Mail, those gigantic ears disqualified him from ever being a show cat. Gonzalez shared, "He is much different from most cats due to the extreme size of his ears. His new owner got him out of sheer luck since his features were deemed 'too extreme' for the cat show world."
Not only is he a striking cat, but according to Gonzalez, he is also curious and cuddly. Cute and a great personality? No wonder everybody loves him.
True to his breed, Teddy is a social and playful cat who enjoys the company of people and cats alike. In an interview with Meow Quarterly, Gonzalez said, "What I love about Oriental Shorthairs is that they keep their kitten playfulness well into their adult years."
Plus, Teddy is always up for a photo shoot. Look at that pose! Being the youngest of the trio, he especially likes to be vocal and make sure he is heard.
Ready for his close-up. You can catch many more photos of Teddy and his friends on their very own Instagram.
Teddy is in good company. He shares a home with Stache, whose unique mustachioed appearance received recognition last year. Daily Mail indicates that he was compared to a number of celebrities such as Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey. Not to mention Bindi, who is every bit as cute as the other members of the trio.
Aren't Teddy and his friends absolutely adorable? Be sure to share the cuteness with your friends.

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