Cinnamon was abandoned and tied to a radiator, now she has a chance to be happy

Cinnamon was found abandoned in an apartment. Her owners were nowhere to be found, and she was tied to a radiator. Her leash was wrapped around her neck so tightly, the people who rescued her had no choice to but to cut it off.
After her rescue, three-year-old pit bull Cinnamon was taken to Yonkers Animal Shelter. When she arrived, Cinnamon was so scared she was unable to do anything but lay on the ground and wimper.

IMAGINE THIS LIFE FOR TWO YEARS! Imagine you were locked in one room in your house and you are only allowed outside the...

Posted by Cinnamon's Search For a Family on Monday, March 14, 2016
Rescuers determined that Cinnamon was most likely used as a breeding dog and had no understanding of what it meant to be loved by a human being.

Good morning....I'm hoping to get out and play today I hear it's going to be gorgeous! I hope you all have a fabulous...

Posted by Cinnamon's Search For a Family on Friday, March 18, 2016
Nancy Clarke, a volunteer for the shelter, knew Cinnamon was special. Cinnamon was so detached from normal dog life she didn't understand how to play with the toys she was given. However, Clarke quickly realized that Cinnamon was a big fan of scratches and belly rubs.

I was out today enjoying this beautiful weather. I wish I could run and play endlessly every day but here at the shelter...

Posted by Cinnamon's Search For a Family on Thursday, March 17, 2016
Cinnamon spent the next two years at the shelter. When Nancy would take her out to the play room, Cinnamon would immediately run up to plush bed and plop down. Living in a shelter was obviously better than being tied to a radiator, but Nancy knew that Cinnamon deserved to live in a forever home.

No dog should have to live behind bars for two years. This has been my world since I was found as a stray...

Posted by Cinnamon's Search For a Family on Thursday, June 16, 2016
Luckily, hope for Cinnamon came in the form of one man. After being abandoned by her former family and spending nearly two years in a shelter – Cinnamon got adopted! Her adopter even followed her story on Facebook for seven months while on deployment overseas.

Hi friends. Nancy here hijacking Cinny's page to share some BIG news. Drumroll please. CINNAMON HAS LEFT THE...

Posted by Cinnamon's Search For a Family on Monday, August 8, 2016
Now Cinnamon will spend her new life far away from radiators and empty buildings. Her days will be filled with nothing but love and happiness.

Hi friends. Cinny here. This dad stuff is really great. Here's a pic of me relaxing after my walk. Beats living in a cage any day!

Posted by Cinnamon's Search For a Family on Wednesday, August 17, 2016
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