Labrador puppy was about to be euthanized until a vet made a miracle rescue

When a chocolate lab mom delivered nine puppies, one of the little ones were born a little different. He was born with a cleft palate. When the lab’s owners found out about his deformity, they wanted to have him euthanized. But someone had other plans.
Vet tech, Imgur user, and Redditor KaffeKalle saved the puppy, who she later named Bronson. Puppies born with cleft palates have a small chance for survival, especially if the cleft palate is severe and affects the hard or soft palate.
They will eventually die of starvation because the space in the roof of their mouth doesn’t allow them to suckle milk from their mother.
KaffeKalle wasn’t about to let that happen to Bronson. She knew she had to do something.
Another vet tech convinced the family to sign over Bronson so that KaffeKalle could foster him.
Though she had her doubts that Bronson would survive, KaffeKalle was not going to give up on him. She fed Bronson constantly via a feeding tube for an entire week. When the puppy responded well to the feeding tube, KaffeKalle realized Bronson might actually pull through.
She took Bronson to work with her so she could keep up with his feeding schedule and pay special attention to him. With each passing day, Bronson got stronger and stronger and KaffeKalle fell more and more in love with him. She knew she couldn’t part with him so she decided to adopt him.
Bronson and KaffeKalle became inseparable. He wouldn’t leave her side and she wouldn’t leave his. KaffeKalle took him to everywhere with her. He would accompany her to work - where he got to swim in his own puppy pool!
Bronson’s cleft palate was quite severe – it extended from his hard to his soft palate. As he grew, the cleft palate grew closer together. When he was a year old, Bronson was finally able to receive surgery to fix his cleft palate!
(Here is a picture of how Bronson's face grew crooked)
KaffeKalle was nervous Bronson wouldn’t heal properly, but she was worried for nothing – Bronson healed just fine! Now, Bronson is living life with his fur-siblings and KaffeKalle.
If KaffeKalle hadn’t taken a chance on Bronson, he would have been euthanized. He would’ve never known love or joy. He would’ve never known what it was like to sleep in a warm bed or get lots of hugs and kisses. But thanks to KaffeKalle, Bronson will get to experience all those – and more!
Resources BarkPost and Imgur/KaffeKalle

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