13-year-old dog is swept away by raging waters until a stranger jumps in to help

It’s not often you find a complete stranger willing to jump into freezing cold water to save a dog. But that’s exactly what Bobby L’Heureux did for Sara Melnicoff’s 13-year-old dog, Carli. Sara and Carli were spending the day at Mill Creek in Moab, Utah, when Carli - who also suffers from arthritis - unexpectedly got swept away by raging waters.
Sara was running along the creek calling out Carli's name but Carli could barely keep her head above water.
Sara was just about ready to jump into the water herself when a man named Bobby came out of nowhere, stripped off his clothes, and dove in to rescue Carli. Bobby contended with powerful currents and dangerous rocks to bring Carli to safety.
Sara was crying and shaking when Bobby brought Carli to her - and so was Carli. Sara said Carli was, “shaking like a leaf and didn’t have much energy left.” It appears as if Bobby rescued Carli just in time - any longer and she probably wouldn't have made it. (Facebook/Sara Melnicoff).

Old Carli.

Posted by Sara Melnicoff on Saturday, July 21, 2012
Sara was so grateful to Bobby for saving her girl. She asked him what his favorite charity was so she could make a donation in his name. As it turns out, Bobby runs his own non-profit organization called Big Heart, Big Hands!
Big Heart, Big Hands is a non-profit that “raises money for mountain rescue organizations, supports the awareness and implementation of mountain safety education, and assists with funding for those who have been rescued and their families.” (www.bigheartbighands.org).
Who knows what would have happened to Carli – or Sara – if Bobby hadn’t been there. Bobby’s actions prove that one simple act of kindness can quite literally save a life.
If you’d like to learn more about Big Heart, Big Hand check out their website here.

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