Get to know the quirky kitty that helped revolutionize the internet – and hear her meow

Lil BUB may have been born with a different look than your regular house cat, but it's those very differences that have made her an instant internet sensation. People can't help but gravitate to this quirky kitten who has a meow just as unique as her appearance. With large eyes and a tongue that can't seem to stay in her mouth, she is definitely one of the most adorable cats ever!
Lil BUB is more than a ball of cuteness; she's using her newfound fame to better the world. Not only has she starred in movies and "written" books, but she has raised awareness and over $300,000 to help animals in need. She's certainly a special kind of kitty!

To celebrate Earth Day, here's photo of BABY BUB shortly after arriving on our fair planet.

Posted by Lil Bub on Friday, April 22, 2016
According to Lil BUB (of course she has her own website!), this precious cat was found in a tool shed in Indiana. She and her littermates were born to a healthy, yet feral mother and Lil BUB was obviously the runt. It was apparent she needed specialized help, so she was taken in as a rescue.

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Posted by Lil Bub on Saturday, July 16, 2016
Since then, she has made quite a name for herself on all forms of social media, and many people can't seem to get enough of her! In fact, she has over 2.9 million followers on Facebook alone. Her fans can catch updates and countless photos that keep everybody smiling.


Posted by Lil Bub on Friday, May 27, 2016
Lil Bub is no stranger to YouTube. In fact, you can get a pretty good idea of the things that make her happy by watching a few videos. She especially loves to be petted and lets the world know with her adorably loud purr.
According to VICE, she may be "toothless, stubby-legged and extra-toed" but nobody can deny that she is too cute for words. Her owner indicates,"I got BUB because I thought she was amazing." I think we can all agree that she unquestionably is!

BUB chooses her friends wisely.

Posted by Lil Bub on Saturday, August 13, 2016
She is unique. She is adorable. And you have to admit; she is clearly one-of-a-kind. The world can't seem to get enough of this perfectly quirky kitty! Watch the video below for a peek at her story!
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