Man demonstrates why you should never turn your back to a lion

It's true that leopards, lions and tigers are gorgeous, exotic animals, but they also have an innate wild nature that will always exist within them. This is the point that many big cat experts such as Big Cat Rescue try to get across to people who see these animals as possible pets.
In the short video below, the wild cat sanctuary demonstrates exactly why these animals are not oversized house cats. One of the experts straps on a body cam to prove the point. As he wanders around the cages and turns his back at each one, something amazing happens.
Big Cat Rescue
Each cat immediately goes into "hunt mode" as it stalk ups behind him. ​
Big Cat Rescue
Some of the animals even charge him and would likely attack except for the fence that stands between them.
Big Cat Rescue
However, when the man faces the cats, they back down or sometimes even pretend to be doing something else.
What is the point of this footage? To prove that these big cats are a threat even to the people that they trust and see every single day. They are not pets, and they should not be handled as such. They are wild animals, and they will always resort to their natural tendencies when given the opportunity.
Big Cat Rescue is dedicated to helping orphaned, abused and abandoned wild cats. Currently, it has over 80 wild cats at its sanctuary, and the organization is specifically committed to educating people and changing laws to end the possession and trade of exotic cats.
Take a minute to check out the clip. You'll understand why these animals are NOT safe to be pets.

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