Puppies pulled from the water after Louisiana floods get new lease on life

Just as the historic floods in Louisiana have devastated homeowners, pet owners share in the heartbreak: Several rescued dogs and puppies are now in search of new beginnings. A shelter in Northeast Ohio is presently housing dozens of rescued dogs while Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village is the temporary home to 27. Still, these numbers are just a preview of the thousands of dogs pulled from the waters.
Hope Brustein, the Rescue Village’s executive director, stated that the first priority was to reunite dogs with their owners, but many were found without tags or microchips, according to Fox 8 Cleveland. These animals were originally rescued by Acadiana Animal Aid in Lafayette and transferred to the Atlanta Humane Society, a partner of the Geauga Humane Society.
Brustein considers it a railroad rescue, stating that animals are moved to different parts of the country and provided with the love and care they need. She added that the Rescue Village is able to take in additional animals if needed. The dogs presently housed will be put up for adoption later this week.
Their information and pictures will be available at the Rescue Village’s Adoptable Dogs page. Like many shelters, the Geauga Humane Society operates on donations alone, giving people the opportunity to help even if they’re not in the market for a new best friend.
Flooding is dangerous for dogs and humans alike. But planning ahead can give your pet the best chance of survival. The American Humane Society offers the following tips:
• Evacuate with your pets as early as possible. Don’t forget their food, water, leash, medications and a carrying case.
• Make sure your pets are wearing collars or are chipped.
• Keep your pet on a leash following any type of disaster. The change in scenery can frighten them, causing them to run off without warning.
• Never leave your pets alone during a flood or flood warning. If you have no choice, put them in a room at the highest level of your home with extra food and water. Do not tether them; it eliminates their ability to use their natural instincts.

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