Cat approaches baby's swing, but you'll love its next move

If you've ever read the book Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie or watched any of the movies, then you are familiar with Nana, the fluffy family dog that also serves as the Darling children's beloved nanny. The idea of a dog serving as a child's nanny doesn't seem that unbelievable, thanks in part to the popularity of Peter Pan, but also because dogs are generally seen as nurturing, patient and loving.
The same belief is unfortunately not true for cats. Cats are seldom—if ever—seen as nurturing or patient creatures and therefore, aren't generally thought of as good companions or caretakers of human children. Tired of seeing cats get a bad rap, we've uncovered some evidence showing that our feline friends are not only capable of babysitting feats, but quite willing to lend a paw when necessary.
Exhibit A. Cats have mastered pushing things in swings.
This calico shows off some exceptional purr-owess in the nurturing arts as she helps to rock this baby back to sleep.
This black and white cat has this swing thing down to a science.
“Relax. I got this one, human.”
This orange tabby even has the worried parent look down pat. It is almost as if the cat is saying, “No need to get up. I'll check on the baby.”
Exhibit B. Cats are excellent at giving baths.
This feline has bath time taken care of.
Exhibit C. Cats are great soothers.
“That's it... Silence your face, small human... It'll be okay.”
Exhibit D. Cats are super soft, warm, fuzzy and love to cuddle. What more could you ask for in a good babysitter? Just watch this last video and try to resist the epic cuteness.
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